UY TÍN nguồn gốc, xuất xứ sản phẩm rõ ràng CHẤT LƯỢNGđảm bảo độ an toàn cho sản phẩm GIÁ HỢP LÝquyền lợi tối đa cho khách hàng

R&D Pharmaceutical Services
Pre-formulation research / Formulation development / Complete formulation analysis for different formulations / Pharmaceutical forms
Our technology and analytical laboratories are equipped with all the infrastructure needed for the development of different pharmaceutical products. Test methods and instrumentation used for quality and/or stability testing, as well as formulation equipment, follow R&D rules that comply with GMP and GLP guidelines in order to achieve a simple goal: ensuring timely registration procedures all over the world. Our R&D team is dedicated to finding and creating solutions that can lead your company to that goal.

New development
Based on our actual technological platform and R&D Pharma Plus’s vision of technological future, R&D is focused on sterile products development (eye drops, spray solutions), as well as on the development and support of other pharmaceutical forms: semisolids, solid oral forms, topical solutions and others.

Our mission is to deliver a new drug formulation and manufacturing process within the project timelines, followed by all the relevant regulatory and quality data in the form of ASIA/EU CTD or other needed form of documentation.

Technology transfer
Together with R&D Pharma Plus Production, R&D Pharma Plus R&D provides technology transfer for all co-development or/and co-manufacture formulations and manufacturing processes.

The validation of technology transfer guarantees success in each successive batch of a new product.

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