UY TÍN nguồn gốc, xuất xứ sản phẩm rõ ràng CHẤT LƯỢNGđảm bảo độ an toàn cho sản phẩm GIÁ HỢP LÝquyền lợi tối đa cho khách hàng

According to the update published by the EU commission, after 31st January 2020, the concentration of D4 & D5 in cosmetic products that are rinsed off after application (“wash-off”) placed on the market should be less than 0.1% by weight of either substance.

EU Regulatory Update Restricts D4 & D5 in Wash-Off 
Cosmetic Products

They Pose Risk to the Environment
A risk to the environment arises from the presence of D4 and D5 in certain cosmetic products that are washed off with water after application, because of their hazard properties as a PBT and a vPvB substance in the case of D4 and a vPvB substance in the case of D5.

The Commission considers that those risks should be addressed on a Union-wide basis. The concentration limit of 0.1 % set by this restriction effectively ensures that all intentional use of D4 and D5 will cease since those substances must be present in wash-off cosmetic products in a much higher concentration to perform their intended function.

Restriction Only for Wash-Off Cosmetic Products
In cosmetic products that are intended to stay in prolonged contact with the skin, the hair or the mucous membranes, D4 and D5 evaporate over time after application and any residue is washed off in the course of normal ablutions. The Annex XV dossier did not cover those products, considering that they did not represent the major source of risk to the environment from D4 and D5, and consequently the risk which they may present to the environment has not yet been assessed by RAC.

Therefore, the restriction should apply only to wash-off cosmetic products that, under normal condition of use, are removed with water shortly after application because in these circumstances D4 and D5 are emitted to the aquatic environment before evaporation.

Source: EU Commission




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